About Us

Our Company

Urge Consulting is an Australian owned company based in Victoria. Urge Consulting has experience in managing projects in the Asia Pacific region.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to inspire positive change which results in increased company performance.
Our clients will have practical solutions and positive change that helps to move the company forward and achieve their future goals and objectives. They will have open effective communication between management and staff which creates loyal employees. Changes in business culture results in the adoption of more sustainable practices into their business activities. Improved marketability and branding of the company ensures sustainable business success.
Our aim is to promote team performance based culture within the workplace. 

Our commitment

At Urge Consulting we strive to:

  • Deliver our promises
  • Show honesty and integrity
  • Be determined and hard working
  • Be flexible in our approach to meet the client’s needs
  • Practice sustainability and open communication

Our team

Susan McDermott – Marketing and Management Consultant
Susan McDermott has over twenty years experience in Business Consulting, Marketing, Sales Management and Training. Susan has held senior management roles with the two largest Australian media corporations and has consulted for a diverse array of industries, including, building, community land developments, industrial and retail. Susan holds a Business Marketing Degree and is a certified Sales Trainer.

Susan is passionate about the benefits of Teamwork and is well known for her successful work in Cultural Change and developing Effective Teamwork within large organisations. Susan has also worked with many industries assisting with the development and implementation of Business and Marketing plans.

Jean Thomas – Capacity Building Consultant
Jean Thomas has been working as the Capacity Building Officer for the Tenkile Conservation Alliance since 2003 and has over 12 years experience in teaching, capacity building, communication, facilitation and community consultation. Mrs Thomas studied at the University of Melbourne and holds a Bachelor of Science with a Diploma of Education. In 2010 Mrs Thomas was awarded the Future for Nature Award (FFN). Her background is in Animal Technology, the Zoo Industry and teaching. Since living and working in the remote area of Lumi, Sandaun Province from 2003, Mrs Thomas is fluent in Melanesian Pidgin English and PNG culture. This has enabled her to develop excellent skills in communicating with local grassroots people to develop and implement various education and training programs. Mrs Thomas specializes in training of trainer programs to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to conduct awareness, facilitation or education programs to others in village communities. 

Jim Thomas – Biological Consultant
Jim Thomas is the Director of the Tenkile Conservation Alliance (PNG) and has over 12 years experience in Project Management, leadership and research. He has a background in the Zoo Industry and working with Endangered Species recovery plans. He has studied Science at La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne. He holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours degree. His extensive field work in Australia prepared him for the isolated and harsh living conditions of Papua New Guinea where he has lived and worked with Tenkile Conservation Alliance since 2003. Consequently Mr Thomas is fluent in Melanesian Pidgin English and experienced in Papua New Guinea culture. He has excellent diplomatic and networking skills and has been responsible for the management and direction of the Tenkile Conservation Alliance. He has successfully raised over $US3 million in funding and has built a reputation as one of the best conservation programs in PNG.